Interview: Emily Perkins

Emily Perkins Sunday Mag

In July 2016 I interviewed author Emily Perkins about her experience adapting Eleanor Catton’s first novel The Rehearsal for the big screen. Here’s a taste:

How well do you remember your formative years? If you close your eyes, can you transport yourself back to the time when you lived away from home for the first time, had your brain rewired by a charismatic teacher, practiced clumsy beginner sex and figured out who you wanted to be in the world?

Emily Perkins can. “You know how people think they might have a particular resting age? I think mine is probably about 24. I mean of course you change and life changes you, and thank God for that, but there’s something about that time of life that does fascinate me.”

The profile was the cover story in the Sunday Star Times magazine, Sunday, on 24 July 2016. You can read it here.